Hogan calls for criminal probe of Brown campaign

The gubernatorial campaign of Republican Larry Hogan is demanding a criminal investigation of its charges that Democratic rival Anthony G. Brown's campaign illegally coordinated its activities with a legally independent political action committee.

The call Tuesday night for an investigation by the State Prosecutor's Office or the Attorney General's Office folows a complaint the Hogan camp made last week to the State Board of Elections on the same topic. The Hogan campaign contends that the Brown campaign ilegally coordinated its activities with those of the lieutenant governor's "One State, One Future" PAC. The Hogan campaign asked that prosecutors look into whether Brown or his running mate, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, illegally solicited funds on behalf of the PAC.

As evidence, the Hogan campaign pointed to the fact that the Brown campaign and the PAC had both reported using the same fund-raising consultants.

"There couldn't be a more blatant example of illegal coordination," said Hogan campaign manager Steve Crim.

Brown's campaign dismissed the allegations.

"Larry Hogan’s campaign is getting desperate - they either don’t understand the law or think they can deceive Maryland voters," said campaign manager Justin Schall. 

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