Larry Hogan sheds pounds on campaign trail

The campaign trail has been kind to Larry Hogan's waistline.

The Republican nominee for governor has managed to shed at least 25 pounds this year as he has hit the pavement, knocking on doors and running — yes, running — down parade routes, campaign aides said.

"I'm on my feet running around," Hogan said. "You burn a lot of calories."

For evidence of the fitter and trimmer Hogan, look no further than his face, which has slimmed significantly since the 58-year-old Annapolis businessman declared his candidacy in January. On the Fourth of July alone, Hogan said, he participated in nine different parades. "I was jogging in most of them. I must have covered 20 miles."

Aides said the grueling campaign schedule helped Hogan slim down this year, but the candidate also has been making better diet choices — sometimes. In August, after buying himself bag of caramel corn as he toured the Ocean City boardwalk with reporters, he munched only a few kernels before handing the stash to his wife, Yumi, for safekeeping. On Friday, though, he said he just couldn't help himself when the Maryland Municipal League served chocolate cake at its conference.

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