Lawmakers invited to hang with Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey, the star of the hit TV show "House of Cards," will visit Annapolis to schmooze with legislators Friday night as they weigh the fate of a film tax credit that has contributed millions to the show during its two years of production in Maryland.

Spacey, who plays the scheming Francis Underwood in the Netflix political drama, will bring star power to his production company’s lobbying efforts for a bill to increase the amount of money allocated to the credit over the amount in Gov. Martin O’Malley’s budget.

The Oscar–winning actor will meet and greet senators and delegates, all of whom have been invited by lobbyist Gerard E. Evans, to a two-hour evening reception at the Red Red Wine Bar on Main Street.

The producers of "House of Cards" are backing an effort to increase the amount of money the state can use for the credit next year from the $11 million budgeted by to $18.5 million. “House of Cards” would be in line for much of that money to defray its production costs here.

The Senate passed legislation Monday raising the amount to $18.5 million. The funding level would have to be worked out in discussions with the House.

Spacey, who doubles as executive producer of the show, said earlier this year that the show would return to Maryland, which has in many episodes acted as  a stand-in for Washington, for its third season. But an executive with the production company sent a letter to O’Malley warning that the show could leave if the amount of money available for the tax credit is not increased.

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