Braveboy comes in last in AG money race

Del. Aisha Braveboy has come in last in fund-raising for the four-way Democratic race for attorney general, calling the viability of her campaign into question.
Braveboy, from Prince George's County, reported Thursday that she raised $33,622  in the year ended Jan. 8. That is less than a tenth of the money raised by Sen. Brian E. Frosh of Montgomery County and Del. Jon Cardin of Baltimore County.
Braveboy's numbers come from a belatedly posted report that will have to be revised to  add an accounting of her expenditures. Campaign chairman Ed Leyden said the filing was a day late because of computer problems. He said he would file an amended statement soon with the spending numbers included.
Leyden said Braveboy's campaign has somewhere between $20,143 and $42,918 on hand. Either figure is a pittance compared with Frosh's $795,000 and far less than it usually takes to run a successful statewide race.
Braveboy said Thursday that she remains a candidate. She still has the option of changing her mind and pursuing re-election or another option before the Feb. 25 filing deadline.
The same applies to Del. C. William Frick of Montgomery County, who reported Wednesday that he had an anemic $133,000 in the bank. Frick said Thursday that he is still in the race but is considering all his options.
Braveboy and Frick are not in a position to improve their numbers before April because they are covered by the ban on raising money during the 90-day General Assembly session.
Cardin was in a better position with $374,000 in cash on hand but still lagged far behind Frosh. He, too, faces the challenge of closing the gap before the June 24 primary while under the session ban.
No Republican has announced plans to run for the office, which the party has not won in an election since 1918.