O'Malley, Brown to join McAuliffe fundraiser

Gov. Martin O'Malley and Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown will be two of the headliners at a fundraiser for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe Wednesday night as the former Democratic National Committee chairman takes his drive for dollars to Annapolis.

The Huffington Post reported, and O'Malley political spokeswoman Lis Smith confirmed, that O'Malley and Brown will join McAuliffe at  the event at the home of former Ambassador Thomas Siebert. Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller is also expected to attend.


Smith said O'Malley is helping out the Virginian, who is expected to face Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in November's off-year election, because the Maryland governor is finance chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and supports the election of more Democratic governors.

McAuliffe has recently been reported to be outstripping the deeply conservative Cuccinelli in the fundraising race.


Cuccinelli's campaign responded to the news with a blast at both McAuliffe and O'Malley.

"McAuliffe's close ties to O'Malley ought to give Virginia voters renewed insight into McAuliffe's philosophy on government," the campaign statement said. "Governor O'Malley signed the largest tax increase in Maryland history and earned a 'D' rating for supporting increased spending and higher taxes.  He supports the war on coal, Obamacare, and even forced non-union teachers to pay union fees."

The D rating Cuccinelli's campaign pointed to came from the libertarian-oriented Cato Institute. The statement went on to blame O'Malley for the migration of thousands of Marylanders to Virginia during his time in office.

Election of McAuliffe would give O'Malley a reasonable approximation of an ideological soul mate in Richmond for the first time since Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine -- now a U.S. senator -- left the office after the 2009 election. Since then, O'Malley has enjoyed a spirited debating relationship with term-limited Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell.

If McAuliffe wins, he would presumably be able to use the political prestige of the governor's office to return the favor for Brown, who is running to succeed O'Malley in 2014, in a comparably aflluent venue such as McLean, Va.