Franchot as 'The Most Interesting Man in Maryland'

Would you like to meet the most interesting man in Maryland?  Apparently, it's Comptroller Peter Franchot.

Franchot this week released a spoof of the popular Dos Equis' beer commercials as promotion for Maryland's unclaimed property website. More than $980 million is waiting to be claimed by Marylanders, and newspaper inserts will soon start advertising $80 million of them.

While the original Dos Equis commercials feature a James Bond-style character as the Most Interesting Man in the world, Franchot's video features himself as a tax-paying, illegal-cigarette-nabbing finder of lost property. 

In sepia tones and backed by salsa music, Franchot urges Marylanders to "stay thrifty my friends."

Another of his other one-liners: "I don't always lose property, but when I do, I prefer to search at"

Franchot's office said last year, he his took on an "Indiana Franchot" persona to reconnect Marylanders with lost property. 

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