Md. gun bill will wait for O'Malley's signature

While Connecticut's governor wasted no time signing that state's sweeping gun control bill into law the day it was passed on Thursday, Maryland's governor plans to abide by tradition and wait. 

Gov. Martin O'Malley's spokeswoman Raquel Gillory said Friday that the governor will sign Maryland's gun bill after the General Assembly adjourns on Monday.  

The legislature on Thursday passed the bill banning the sale of assault-style rifles, capping magazines to 10 bullets and requiring fingerprints and a license to buy a handgun, among other provisions.

The gun bill will join a stack of the governor's other major legislation awaiting his signature: off-shore wind subsidies, an increase to the gas tax, a job-skills training program and repeal of the death penalty. 

By Friday morning, only three of O'Malley's initiatives have not yet been returned him for a signature as the General Assembly's session reaches its end. The bills to expand early voting, expedite the professional licensing process for veterans and create public-private partnerships all appear poised for final approval.

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