California senators make good on Super Bowl bet with Mikulski, Cardin

They came to pay off a wager, but they couldn't escape a little trash talk.

California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer walked humbly to Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski's Capitol Hill hideaway on Thursday to pay off their Super Bowl bet, showering Mikulski and Sen. Ben Cardin with cheese, wine and crab -- the West Coast variety.

"This is real crab," Feinstein said as she handed a Dungeness crab to the Maryland senators. "It was caught a few days ago in a trap off of the Golden Gate Bridge...It comes with our deepest congratulations. Now, this is a very heavy ransom, don't you think?"

Mikulski and Cardin challenged Boxer and Feinstein to the wager in a letter before the game. The Marylanders wagered Faidley's crab cakes, Berger cookies, Heavy Seas beer and a can of hair spray. The Californians bet Dungeness crab, Napa Valley chardonnay, sourdough bread and a selection of Northern California cheeses.

Boxer said she received a text from Mikulski at 6 the morning after the Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers 34 to 31. "'It's awfully quiet out there,'" Boxer said Mikulski wrote. "'Are you searching for sourdough bread?'"

"Let me congratulate you," Boxer finished, "not only for winning but for making sure that your family members reff'd the last quarter."

Then it was Mikulski's turn.

"We have a lot of admiration for San Francisco. You know you have a lovely bay bridge. Part of it is built in China -- but nevertheless," she said in reference to the fact that portions of the iconic bridge are manufactured overseas.  "You have very interesting crabs and we're going to look forward to eating them."

Cardin quipped that he would drop his investigation of the power failure that delayed play in the second half of the game. 

"In the spirit of cooperation…I'm going to withdraw the letter that I sent to the committee on investigation dealing with the power outage," he said. "It was very suspicious as to how that happened, but I'm going to back off and withdraw that."

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