2012 lobbyist rankings

Maryland's highest paid lobbyist of 2012 earned $1.3 million during a busy legislative year that included two special sessions and millions spent by gambling interests.

Timothy Perry, who last year ranked No. 2, tops the 2012 annual lobbyist compensation rankings recently released by the State Ethics Commission.


Last year's top earner, Gerry Evans, dropped to the fifth spot on the list. While the order may have been shuffled, the same 10 lobbyists populated top-10 list.

Lawmakers this year held two special sessions, one in May to pass a state budget and another in August to put gambling expansion on the state ballot. Lobbying spending for the August session topped $3.5 million.


Four of the top 10 companies that spent the most on lobbying had connections to the gambling industry, the report said.

While the extra sessions may have shifted when the lobbyists get paid, they didn't appear to dramatically increase how much top-earners reported.

On average, the top 10 highest paid lobbyists reported $47,818 more apiece than in 2011, though some earned significantly more.

Perry, who was chief of staff to Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller before becoming a lobbyist in 2006, reported his compensation increased by $87,621.70 in 2012. The Peterson Cos., which pushed for a new casino in Prince George's County, is among the more than four dozen companies Perry represented this year. Perry was not available to comment Wednesday.

Third-ranked lobbyist Gregory S. Proctor Jr. reported $140,897 more in 2012 than in 2011. More than half of Proctor's total compensation was reported after May, but Proctor said that he did no lobbying work during the special sessions.

As in 2011, eight lobbyists reported more than $1 million in compensation. The Top 10 is below.

Reported compensation, Nov. 1, 2011 to Oct. 31, 2012

1.  Perry, Timothy A. $1,305,414.88


2.  Rozner, Joel D. $1,286,411.42

3.  Proctor, Jr., Gregory S. $1,248,041.00

4.  Shaivitz, Robin F. $1,196,100.38

5.  Evans, Gerard  $1,141,000.00

6.  Johansen, Michael V. $1,099,155.67

7.  Stierhoff, John R. $1,055,148.94


8.  Manis, Nicholas G. $1,048,960.00

9.  Harris Jones, Lisa  $942,695.00

10. Enten, D. Robert $930,169.00

Source: Maryland Ethics Commission