O'Malley blames GOP money advantage for Wisconsin loss

Democrat Tom Barrett's defeat in Wisconsin is also a loss for Gov. Martin O'Malley and his Democratic Governors Association which poured about $3.2 million into the attempt to topple Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

O'Malley noted in a statement that Democrats were outspent "ten to one" in Wisconsin. He looked for the silver lining of last night's election results in Wisconsin, saying in a statement that "Republican governors across the country are on notice" and "The people of their states will not tolerate partisan overreach."

Wisconsin was one of 12 gubernatorial races up for grabs this year, and was seen as one of the Democrats best chances for a pick up. Walker incurred the wrath of public sector unions when he limited collective bargaining as part of his budget package.

O'Malley focused intently on the race, mentioning it during cable and national television appearances and making a last-ditch tour through the state last week to stump for Barrett.

Meanwhile, RGA chairman Bob McDonnell, who is also the governor of neighboring Virginia, took a victory lap. He said that voters are looking for leaders who have "a greater focus on the next generation than the next election."

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