McDonnell attacks O'Malley on taxes

Virginia Gov.Bob McDonnell launched a missile over the Potomac yesterday, displaying a video on his Republican Governors Association website attacking MD Gov. Martin O'Malley's record of raising taxes.

The two neighboring governors lead their receptive party's governors associations but have pledged to cooperate on local issues as they pour money into oppositing sides of campaigns around the country. But both man has a competitive streak. And it seems to be emerging as the fierce gubernatorial race in Wisconsin heads into the final days.

The video shows a grainy photo of O'Malley and then a montage of news coverage of his recent income tax hike on people making over $100,000 (including one story from The Sun). A blues tune plays and the McDonnell group promoted the video with the tagline: "Marylanders are singing the blues about Gov. O'Malley's tax hikes"

The video was put up as news spread that O'Malley would spend time Thursday stumping for Tom Barrett, the Democrat hoping to replace Gov. Scott Walker in a recall election set for Tuesday. Text below the video tries to associate Barrett with O'Malley's policies. "Barrett bringing O'Malley's 'tax raising legacy' to Wisconsin" it reads.


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