First lady apologizes for "coward" remark

First Lady Catherine Curran O'Malley issued an apology this morning for saying that delegates who'd switched their votes on same-sex marriage last session were "cowards."

In a statement issued a few minutes ago, the First Lady said she let her "feelings get the better of me."

“I regret my recent choice of words," O'Malley said in the statement.

The Associated Press reported Thursday night that the First Lady, speaking at the 24th annual Conference on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality in Baltimore, said “there were some cowards that prevented it from passing.”

Last year a same-sex marriage bill passed in the Senate, but was pulled from the House floor when leaders found they were a few votes short of passage.

Baltimore's Channel 2 News station also played tape of the First Lady saying Thursday, in a separate interview at the event, that one of the top opponents to same-sex marriage bill in the House is "ignorant" on the issue.

She was referring to GOP Del. Don Dwyer, who told the station that he believes that a chief reason advocates are pushing for the bill is so gay marriage will be part of the public school curriculum.

The First Lady's comments were buzzing through the state house Friday morning. Baltimore Del. Melvin L. Stukes had a printout of the AP story with him. He had co-sponsored the bill last year but withdrew his support because he said he'd been confused about the legislation and had thought it was a civil unions bill.

"I guess if anyone is one the fence, they are not on the fence anymore," Stukes said. Stukes said he will not support the same-sex marriage bill this year.

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