Montgomery Co. police: Transgender bill has not led to bathroom rapes

When Baltimore County Council members introduced a bill last night to ban discrimination against transgender people, much of the testimony focused on public restrooms. Opponents of the legislation said they feared men dressed as women would assault females in the bathroom.

Apparently, some who are against the legislation are circulating rumors that Montgomery County has had four such rapes since enacting a transgender anti-discrimination law in 2007.

Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger says that is not true.

“Since this law has been in effect, we have had no reported rapes committed in restrooms by men in women’s clothing,” Manger wrote Tuesday in a letter to Baltimore County Councilman Tom Quirk, who is lead sponsor of the anti-discrimination bill.

The Baltimore County bill -- which would prohibit discrimination against transgender people in housing, workplaces and in public places – is slated for discussion at a Feb. 14 work session.

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