Vice President Kamala Harris to visit Baltimore next week to mark Biden administration’s first 100 days

Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Baltimore next week to mark an early milestone for the Biden-Harris administration, according to the White House.

Harris, who had based her campaign headquarters in Baltimore when she was a presidential candidate, will return to the city Thursday — 100 days after she and Democratic President Joe Biden were sworn in Jan. 20.


She is expected to discuss the administration’s progress during the period, according to White House officials. The officials, who provided The Baltimore Sun advance word of her trip, indicated final arrangements still were being made, and declined comment on where she was headed in Baltimore, or why she chose to visit the city on a milestone day.

There was no response Friday afternoon from spokespersons for Mayor Brandon Scott about the trip.


In 2019, Harris located her presidential campaign headquarters in an office building near downtown Baltimore. The campaign said it felt like a “sister city” to Oakland, California, where she and her sister, Maya Harris — who was her campaign chairwoman — are from.

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Harris ended her presidential bid in December 2019 but was picked to be Biden’s running mate, becoming the first female vice president and woman of color to be vice president.

Biden has used 100 days as a marker. He initially pledged to have 100 million doses of COVID-19 administered to Americans by April 29. Then, in March, he doubled the target to 200 million. The president announced on Wednesday that the latter goal had been reached, and urged the large number of people not vaccinated to step forward, calling it “their patriotic duty.”

Harris has been traveling around the country, touting the administration’s plan to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges and other infrastructure. Republicans have questioned the American Jobs Plan’s proposal to raise corporate taxes. She was in North Carolina Monday, and New Hampshire Friday discussing access to broadband, among other topics.

Neither Harris nor Biden have visited Baltimore since taking office. Last month, Biden cancelled a trip to Emergent BioSolutions’ plant in East Baltimore that is struggling with COVID-19 vaccine production troubles and facing federal scrutiny.

Democratic-dominated Maryland gave the Biden-Harris ticket 65.4% of the vote in last year’s presidential election. In Baltimore City, they got 87.2%.

Harris, 56, grew up in Oakland and is of Jamaican and Indian descent. She was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2016 after serving as California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017, and as San Francisco district attorney before that.

Harris has made occasional appearances in Maryland politics, including endorsing Ben Jealous during his unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign in 2018. She also appeared in 2017 at the NAACP convention in Baltimore, where she called for national reform of cash bail and other criminal justice issues.