Former employee at popular Annapolis fundraising locale pleads guilty to stealing from delegate's campaign

Erin Cox
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A worker at a popular venue for political fundraisers has pleaded guilty to a felony charge that she lifted bank information off a state delegate’s check and siphoned $10,806 out of the lawmaker’s campaign account.

Maryland State Prosecutor Emmet C. Davitt announced Tuesday that Nicole M. Smith pleaded guilty to stealing from Del. Sally Jameson’s campaign account and used the money to pay off car and credit card debts.

Smith is a former employee of the Historic Inns of Annapolis, a group of downtown hotels that frequently hosts legislative fundraisers and political events in the state capital. Jameson, a Democrat from Charles County, held a breakfast fundraiser at the hotel in January 2016, and prosecutors said Smith pulled account information off the check used to pay for the event.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Judge Michele D. Jaklitcsh sentenced Smith to five years of probation and ordered her to pay restitution. If Smith violates the probation, she could face 10 years in prison.

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