Maryland voters will find a new political party on the general election ballot.

The Bread and Roses Party, a self-identified socialist group, was certified Thursday by the Maryland Board of Elections after the board validated the required 10,000 voter signatures needed for certification.


The party can now appear on the 2020 ballot.

“I’m delighted,” said Jerome Segal, the party’s founder. “It’s been a long effort to get here.”

Democrats, Republicans and Bread and Roses? New socialist party could be on the ballot in Maryland.

The Bread and Roses Party, a self-identified socialist group, is 227 certified signatures away from the 10,000 it needs to get onto the ballot in Maryland. The state Board of Elections rejected the party's request to list Jerome Segal as its U.S. Senate candidate, and he's suing the board.

Last year, board officials told Segal that 1,200 signatures failed the state’s “name standard” — specifically, the signatures lacked middle initials.

Segal filed a lawsuit in federal court asking a judge to order the board to re-evaluate its rejection of his new-party petition and place his name on the ballot.

Segal, 75, who lives in Silver Spring, is a political activist and former University of Maryland professor who challenged Ben Cardin in last year’s Democratic Senate primary.

“Like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I ran as a socialist against an established member of Congress,” Segal said. “Unlike her, I lost.”