Poll: Marylanders give Biden modest support, more enthusiasm for Hogan

Nearly a year into his term, President Joe Biden enjoys modest approval in Maryland, according to a new poll.

The Democratic president had 54% approval of the job he’s doing from more than 800 Maryland voters who were polled by Gonzales Research & Media Services in December. An additional 43% of those polled said they disapprove of the job the president is doing.


Not surprisingly, the support fell along party lines, with 84% of Democrats approving of the job Biden is doing and 86% of Republicans disapproving. Independent voters gave Biden just 32% approval and 62% disapproval.

On specific issues, 57% of those polled approved of the job Biden is doing handling the coronavirus pandemic, while 45% approved of the job he’s doing managing the economy.


Vice President Kamala Harris enjoys far less support, with a 49% approval rating that suffers from a mere 8% approval from Republican voters and just 27% approval from independent voters. Democrats remain loyal to their vice president, giving her 77% approval rating.

Gov. Larry Hogan, meanwhile, continues to have extremely strong approval ratings, coming in at 74% in this poll. Throughout his tenure in office, Hogan has routinely gotten approval ratings above 60% and sometimes above 70% in independent polls.

The Republican governor actually has more support from Democrats (78% approval) than his own party (69% approval). Independent voters gave the governor a 71% approval rating.

Hogan received high marks for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic — 76% approval — again buoyed by Democrats, who gave 83% approval. Other political groups were still strongly supportive, with Republicans at 68% and independent voters at 67%.

“With a deft touch, Hogan has navigated the choppy, partisan puddle of politics and kept his ship sailing straight and fast, as others have sputtered and sunk during these turbulent times,” pollster Patrick Gonzales wrote in a summary of the poll.

Hogan is term-limited and weighing options for his political future. Gonzales noted that the governor’s support from Democrats is “roiling the insatiable impulses of D.C. docents and kingmakers trying to carve out the future.”

Gonzales Research & Media Services questioned 807 registered voters who said they vote regularly, using both landlines and cellphones. The poll was conducted between Dec. 20 and Dec. 30. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%.