Maryland Gov. Hogan releases millions of dollars for Washington, D.C., metro system

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan released tens of millions of dollars in state aid for the Washington, D.C., Metro system on Thursday.

Hogan had withheld the aid for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s construction projects, demanding an audit of the transit agency. The state’s aid for operating costs of the Metro system was not affected.


Hogan, a Republican, said in a statement Thursday that WMATA officials agreed to create a long-term construction plan, submit monthly and quarterly financial reports, adopt a policy on debt, and agree to audits.

“WMATA has finally agreed to our demands for greater transparency for every dollar spent and all future investments by the Metro system,” Hogan said in a statement.


Hogan, who is traveling in Australia, said the state “will continue to hold WMATA’s feet to the fire.”

The money being released includes $41.75 million of a $55 million payment that was due July 1, and an additional $41.75 million payment scheduled for Oct. 1.

The state is still withholding $13.25 million until WMATA completes an audit it has agreed to.

Paul J. Wiedefeld, Metro’s general manager and CEO, said in a statement that he was grateful to receive Maryland’s “essential” funding.

“Metro is committed to ensuring that these dollars are invested wisely, and to meeting the accountability standards expected by our funding jurisdictions,” the statement said.