Deadline extended for 2022 Maryland political hopefuls to declare candidacy

Maryland politicians and political hopefuls will have one more month to decide whether to run for office in 2022, the state’s top judge has ordered.

The new deadline is March 22 for anyone who wants to run in any of the many positions up for election this year, from local county councils to governor.


The order Friday from Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Joseph M. Getty comes as the court will consider four challenges to a new map of Maryland General Assembly districts. The lawsuits argue that the districts have been illegally gerrymandered and violate the state’s constitution, which requires that districts be compact and respect natural and political boundaries.

Separately, two lawsuits are pending in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court challenging a new map of congressional districts that had been approved in December.


Both the congressional map and the state legislative map were approved by the Democratic-majority General Assembly over the objections of Republicans. Republicans had favored maps drawn up by a commission appointed by Republican Gov. Larry Hogan.

Getty’s brief order gave no reasoning behind the deadline shift. But the deadline for filing candidacy paperwork with the Maryland State Board of Elections had been set as Feb. 22, and the redistricting lawsuits are unlikely to be resolved by then.

Getty consolidated the four challenges pending before the Maryland Court of Appeals, and the next step is for state Attorney General Brian Frosh to respond to the challenges by Tuesday. As attorney general, Frosh is tasked with defending the districts and how they were drawn.

Current politicians and challengers have been watching closely to see what happens with the maps and learn which district they fall into. While members of Congress are not required to live in the district they seek to represent, candidates for the General Assembly and other political offices must adhere to residency requirements.