Who’s in, who’s out: Which 7th District candidates plan to run again in regular April primary?

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings speaks after losing the special primary election for the 7th District seat. She will continue to campaign for the April election.

Democratic former U.S. Rep. Kweisi Mfume and Republican Kimberly Klacik won their respective parties’ nominations in a special primary Tuesday and will face off April 28 to determine who gets to serve the remaining nine months of the late Elijah Cummings’ term in Congress.

But some of their opponents — including Cummings’ widow, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings; state Sen. Jill Carter; and Del. Terri Hill — are planning to challenge the winners in the normal primary election on the same day for a chance to be their party’s nominee for the following two-year congressional term, beginning in January. The general election for that race is scheduled in November.


Those who filed to run in the April primary but don’t wish to move forward after Tuesday’s special primary have until Thursday to drop out, under a new law.

So who’s still running, who’s not, and why? Here’s what they had to say.

Running in the April primaries


Kweisi Mfume: “We’ve got another 10 weeks in front of us and to take this all across the district and to ask people to join on.”

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings: “I look forward to April 28! ... I don’t care about the results we saw [Tuesday] because this is still about the future. We’ve got work to do.”

State Sen. Jill P. Carter: “Whatever the numbers say, this movement shows there’s a clear hunger out there for something new, someone more progressive and, frankly, for a historic first congresswoman in the 7th District.”

Del. Terri Hill: “I entered this race against candidates with higher name recognition, money and media exposure and yet, here I am, fourth in a field of 24 and the only candidate other than Kweisi to win a jurisdiction. I have the momentum.”

T. Dan Baker: “I’m a District 7 voter, citizen, neighbor, not a politician. ... It’s a platform to get my voice heard about the lack of good government. ... We’ve become a corporatocracy. I got pissed off, quite frankly, is why I got into it.”

Matko Lee Chullin III: “I managed to beat out five other candidates without even any effort at all. I do plan to continue.”


Darryl Gonzalez: “This election is not about the past; it is about the future, and as the people of the 7th District look toward the future and making their lives better, I think I bring a fresh an interesting approach to lead the District."

Michael D. Howard Jr.*: “I’m very much so a policy guy. Even though Kweisi did win by a significant margin, his policies don’t reflect the needs of the 7th District. I definitely plan on running.”

Jay Jalisi: “I will continue."

Adrian Petrus: “With the new rule, [candidates] only have two days to drop out — unfortunately, I’m working both days — I couldn’t drop out even if I want to. You should be able to drop out at any time you want during the campaign. ... I’m going to stay in and see what happens in April. Anything could happen in April.”

Gary Schuman*: “I am staying in the campaign until the last vote is tallied. This is an uphill battle; however, if my voice is heard, that will be a victory.”

Charles U. Smith: “It’s been my experience in politics that things can happen, things can change, between now and then. I might be in a better position.”


Jeff Woodard*: “That’s the only campaign I care about. I’m waiting to find out who all drops out, and I’ll take it from there. I only wanted to run for the full term. That’s where my time, money, effort and everything’s going to go.”'


Kimberly Klacik: “I’m going to continue. We’re going to definitely hit the ground running and work harder than we did in the primary. ... We’re going to need a robust strategy for sure.”

Ray Bly: “I want to get the word out of what local officials and courts and other entities can do to a family. ... I’m not going to win, because I’m just a bum on the street and nobody wants to cover my story. But I’m trying to get it out by running.”

Laz Matory: “I’m staying in. Have to as the only Conservative Pro-Life woman in this race. Voters have to have options to choose from.”

William Newton: “I’m still a candidate, because it’s a separate different election altogether. ... My numbers were not that great, but that’s not the point either. You might call me a perennial candidate. I’m a constitutionalist first. Our field is not very well populated with any of those varieties. ... The real race is the 2020 full term. I’m in it.”

*Candidates who filed to run only in the regular April primary, not February’s special primary.

Withdrawing from the April primaries


Talmadge Branch: The House of Delegates majority whip withdrew Wednesday from the regular primary, according to the state Board of Elections website.

F. Michael Higginbotham: “I have considered my options regarding the April 28th primary and have decided to withdraw my name from the ballot. I will never forget and will always be grateful for the dedication and support I received from my team.”

No response, or could not be reached

The following candidates have filed to run in the April primaries, but their campaigns either did not respond to emails and calls for comment or they could not be reached Wednesday.


Alicia D. Brown

Nathaniel M. Costley, Sr.

Michael Davidson

Mark Steven Gosnell

Leslie E. Grant

Dan Hiegel

Saafir A. Rabb

Harry Spikes

Charles Stokes


Brian L. Brown

M.J. Madwolf*

*Candidates who filed to run only in the regular April primary, not February’s special primary.

Not running in the April primaries

No candidate who filed for the April 28 regular primary has announced plans to drop out.

But a handful of candidates in both parties filed only for this week’s special primary to fill the rest of Cummings’ current term, and did not enter the regular April primary to run for a full term. Those candidates, according to the state Board of Elections, are:


Anthony Carter Sr.

Jay Fred Cohen

Nathaniel M. Costley, Sr.

Paul V. Konka


Christopher M. Anderson

James C. Arnold

Reba A. H