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WikiLeaks emails reveal DeRay Mckesson was vetted as a potential DNC surrogate

Activist DeRay Mckesson vetted as DNC surrogate, according to emails released by WikiLeaks.

Baltimore civil rights activist and former mayoral candidate DeRay Mckesson was vetted as a possible surrogate for the Democratic National Committee, according to internal party emails published by WikiLeaks.

The activist website released on Friday nearly 20,000 emails from top officials in the committee.

"Hey team, can we please vet DeRay Mckesson ... to act as a surrogate for us at a young professional event possibly featuring the Chair?" party official Jordan Vaughn asked.

In response, a DNC staffer noted Mckesson's activism in the Black Lives Matter movement and his meetings with White House officials and presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders. The staffer reported that Mckesson had no liens, bankruptcies or criminal record, but noted that he had mistakenly tweeted that a white man shot a TV reporter and cameraman in Virginia.

Mckesson, who was named chief of human capital for Baltimore's public schools last month, addressed the WikiLeaks release on Twitter.

"I've never been a surrogate for Bernie, Hillary, or the DNC," he said. "I have attended events hosted by Bernie, Hillary & the DNC over the past year."

He said he has met with Clinton, Sanders, President Barack Obama and "countless others, discussing pathways to solutions."

Mckesson declined to comment beyond his tweets.

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