Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney urges Gov. Larry Hogan or another Republican to challenge Trump

Former U.S. Rep. and current Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney is urging Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan — or another Republican — to challenge President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election bid.

“Voices like John Kasich and Governor Hogan, from my state, would do an enormous service to not just their party, but to their fellow Americans to stand up and challenge this president,” said Delaney, who stepped down from his Maryland 6th Congressional District seat at the end of last year to run for president.

Hogan is among the Republicans — including Kasich, the former Ohio governor, and former Massachusetts governor William Weld — who are considering challenging Trump in the 2020 primaries.

For months, some so-called “Never Trump” Republicans have been urging Hogan to challenge Trump. The governor has largely demurred, without closing the door completely to the possibility. A spokesperson said recently that the governor will travel to New Hampshire after the end of the General Assembly session in April to speak at an event that bills itself as a “must stop” for presidential hopefuls.

A news release from Delaney’s campaign on Thursday was headlined, “Delaney: Hogan Should Primary Trump.”

Delaney said in the release that “we need a Democrat in the White House” but it would help the country if Trump were challenged by his own party.

“Unless Republicans believe that Donald Trump is a fair and accurate representation of the Republican party as a whole, they should put up a challenger to run against him in the primary election. One of the biggest problems facing the country is that very few Republicans have shown the courage to stand up to Trump,” Delaney said.

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