Brown brings in $4.1 million over recent stretch, while GOP raises $770,000 for Hogan effort

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Anthony G. Brown reported Friday that he has raised $4.1 million for his race over the last two months.

The Brown campaign said that, together with the Maryland Democratic Party, it has about $900,000 in cash on hand for the final stretch. Fundraising is expected to continue as the Nov. 4 election approaches.


Meanwhile, the Maryland Republican Party has raised nearly $770,000 since August on behalf of Larry Hogan's campaign for governor, the party reported Friday.

Hogan's chief campaign committee had not reported as of Friday evening, but its fundraising is not expected to significantly affect the race because of the restrictions the candidate agreed to when he decided to accept public financing.

That decision gave Hogan a lump sum of about $2.6 million to use on his general election campaign. He has been permitted to help the party raise another $1.8 million on his behalf.

The Republicans reported they had spent nearly $683,000 since Aug. 20 — mostly on the governor's race — and had about $125,000 left in its Hogan Victory Fund as of last Sunday.

The $770,000 includes the receipts from a fundraiser held in Montgomery County in September that featured New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. It does not include whatever the Maryland GOP collected at a second fundraiser with Christie, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, on Tuesday.

The Republican totals indicated that the party can still collect hundreds of thousands of dollars on Hogan's behalf before running up against its legal limit.

The Hogan campaign is also expected to get an infusion of about $500,000 in campaign ad spending by the RGA, Republican officials said.

The latest fundraising for Brown includes $2.8 million raised for his campaign with running mate Ken Ulman and $1.3 million for the Democratic Party. The $4.1 million includes the receipts from a fundraiser with former President Bill Clinton earlier this month. The Brown camp said it has raised a total of $7 million since the June 24 primary election.

The campaign finance reports provide the last glimpse of the money raised and spent by candidates before the Nov. 4 election. Additional reports will be filed after the election.

In the two other races for statewide office this year, the Democratic nominees reported vastly more money than their Republican rivals.

Comptroller Peter Franchot reported Friday he has $1.2 million in cash on hand in his campaign account. That's after spending $260,000 on his re-election campaign since August. Meanwhile, Republican rival William H. Campbell is reporting just $3,490 in the bank after spending about $3,000.

That gives Franchot an advantage of roughly 350 to 1. Republicans haven't won the chief tax collector's job since 1898.

In the race for attorney general, the GOP's Jeffrey Pritzker reported having $1,308 in the bank, while state Sen. Brian E. Frosh's Democratic campaign said he expected to report almost $235,000 in cash on hand.