A county supervisor from Central Virginia has apologized for a “stupid tweet” in which he joked about shooting protesters who were arrested Tuesday outside the Capitol Hill office of Baltimore County Republican Rep. Andy Harris.

“All I have said is that it was a very stupid tweet. It was very insensitive and I did it on the spur of the moment without thinking,” Goochland County Supervisor Manuel Alvarez Jr. told The Baltimore Sun in an email.


The since-deleted tweet said:

"With one reload I can take 34 of them, but my guess is that one will be sufficient."

Rep. Andy Harris says his wrist was bruised during protest that shows 'problem with political discourse today'

Republican Rep. Andy Harris says his wrist was bruised during a protest at his Capitol Hill office that shows the "problem with political discourse today." U.S. Capitol Police arrested two protesters from Maryland Marijuana Justice on charges of using marijuana in a prohibited public space.

Police arrested two marijuana legalization advocates outside Harris’ office. The congressman said he bruised his wrist during the encounter with the activists that he said “demonstrates the problem with political discourse today.”

Adam Eidinger, a well-known legalization advocate who helped organize the action on Capitol Hill, said the demonstrators were trying to talk to the congressman.

But the congressman’s office said in a statement that the protesters “sought to forcibly enter the office” as Harris entered through a private door, “bruising his wrist as they tried to force the door open.”

Alvarez is the county board's vice chairman. His Twitter page, which has 708 followers, describes him as a "Proud conservative Cuban-American."

Alvarez said he does not know Harris.

Alvarez said he “didn't have a lot of information at the time” he sent his tweet, but had heard that “people had busted into an office and attacked Rep Harris.”

He said the tweet “is not who I am or what I stand for.”