What Maryland elected officials are saying on the travel ban

People in oppostion to President Trump's immigration plan protested at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. (Video by Ken Lam)

Many Maryland elected officials not only responded to President Donald Trump’s executive order, but some took part in a rally at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport Sunday night.

Some elected officials had not weighed in publicly as of Monday morning.

Here's some of what elected officials are saying publicly on the matter:


Gov. Larry Hogan
A spokeswoman for Republican Gov. Larry Hogan said his administration's legal counsel is reviewing the executive order and its implications for the state.

"The implementation and enforcement of immigration law and policies is the sole purview of the federal government," spokeswoman Amelia Chassé said in a statement. "This administration has and continues to support strengthened and more clarified vetting processes for those entering the country. Improving our national security can and should be done in a defined and concise manner that upholds our American values."


Congressman Elijah Cummings
I can think of few things more unAmerican than discriminating against families seeking refuge b/c of their religion," Cummings wrote on Twitter.

His Twitter feed was full of posts including #MuslimBan on Saturday and Sunday.

"I urge President Trump to rescind his order immediately," Cummings said.

Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger
Ruppersberger attended the rally at BWI Sunday evening and shared photos thanking those in attendance.


"This is what being an American is all about," he stated on Twitter.

Congressman Andy Harris
Dr. Harris released a statement by email around noon Monday. It read:

"I support the President's Executive Order to increase the vetting of refugees and immigrants entering the United States from countries where ISIS has a significant presence.  The Executive Order temporarily suspends visas issued to individuals from seven specific countries prone to terrorism – similar to President Obama's temporary ban on visas for refugees from Iraq in 2011 for the same reason.  The vetting of individuals seeking to immigrate into the United States from countries where ISIS has a significant presence must be increased to better protect Americans' safety and our national security.  As President Trump noted, the seven countries are the same countries previously identified by the Obama Administration as sources of terror.  I also applaud the decision to prioritize entry of those refugees who are religious minorities fleeing religious persecution, whether those minorities are Muslims, Yazidis, Zoroastrians, or Christians.
The United States should resume issuing visas to all these countries only after a review of these policies is completed, and only if the countries comply with supplying the information necessary to allow complete vetting."

Congressman John Delaney
Delaney visited both BWI and Dulles airports over the weekend. On Facebook, he wrote: "We should always work to improve screening procedures, but this goes way too far. Donald Trump's blind prejudice against Muslims is betraying and undermining what America has always stood for. Innocent people fleeing our common enemies are going to suffer because of this appalling move. Congress should do everything it can to hold Trump accountable."

Brian Frosh, Maryland Attorney General
"I condemn the President's executive orders and commit to use my authority to fight discrimination and hate," Frosh wrote on Twitter.

"It is saddening and disgraceful when the President misuses his authority to demonize immigrants, spew hate and sow fear," Frosh continued.

Senator Ben Cardin
Cardin took to Twitter Sunday to share his thoughts.

"I call upon [President Trump] to rescind his ExecOrder before it does any more damage to our national security or endangers the lives of Americans," Cardin wrote.

"This betrayal of friends & those who stood w/us will make the US less safe & places our servicemen and servicewomen in even greater danger," Cardin wrote.

Senator Chris Van Hollen
It's a sad day for our country when our Commander-in-Chief is acting more like Vladimir Putin than an American president," Van Hollen said on Twitter.

He later added, "Republican leaders must speak up & defend our nation's values. Patriotism knows no party -- we all must denounce this threat to freedom."

Comptroller Peter Franchot
Franchot on Sunday morning tweeted, "Our president has no respect for our values or the rule of law. The policies he enacted are an assault on our core principles as Americans."

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz
Kamenetz tweeted a lengthy statement Monday morning that included a personal tale of his family's migration to the United States. It read, in part, "President Trump's executive order imposing a Muslim ban is an affront to the very values that make us proud to be Americans."

Former Gov. Martin O'Malley
O'Malley attended the rally at BWI Sunday evening. He later tweeted, "We're at war with ISIL but this sort of bigoted, adolescent stupidity by Trump plays right to their hands #MuslimBan"