SNL name-drops Martin O'Malley in Hillary Clinton skit

Martin O'Malley garnered some national attention Saturday night – but not the type most politicians want when attempting to become serious presidential contenders.

Saturday Night Live poked fun at O'Malley in its cold-opening sketch featuring actress Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton practicing her campaign announcement.


"I'm sure I will face some stiff competition from my fellow Democrats," McKinnon-as-Clinton says into her phone taking a video. "People like Martin O'Malley who could really give me a run for my money …" The faux Clinton breaks into a fit of laughter, apologizing for losing it at the mere mention of O'Malley's name.

"Martin O'Malley instead of me," she adds, "he sounds like a Simpsons character."

Of course, any attention could be good attention for the Democratic former Maryland governor who has barely registered in national polls while Clinton – who announced her presidential campaign Sunday – is widely considered the dominant front-runner.

"Name salience is at this point the critical goal for O'Malley," said Richard Vatz, a Towson University professor.

O'Malley certainly didn't miss the opportunity to show he has a sense of humor. He quickly Tweeted last night: "For the record, I've always loved The Simpsons."

"I think the response is near-perfect – not overdone but making him look secure," Vatz said.

Besides, the sketch made much more fun of Clinton – and the albatross that Bill Clinton could be for her candidacy – than of O'Malley. (And the bit was nowhere close to the eviscerating ribbing that SNL famously gave to Sarah Palin.) Maybe now O'Malley will have a chance at a cameo on SNL.

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