Senate panel advances charter school bill

Erin Cox
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Md Senate to consider gutted version of Hogan's charter school law.

A Senate panel on Tuesday voted to send a dismantled version of Gov. Larry Hogan's charter school expansion law to the full chamber.

The Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee adopted a highly amended version of the bill, which the committee rewrote last week pending final approval.

Where Hogan's original bill sought to make it easier to open more charter schools and give each of them greater flexibility in hiring, firing and funding, the amended version allows instead for some of the state's existing successful charter schools to get slightly more flexibility.

The committee decided to let any high-achieving charter school that meets certain requirements gain more authority in hiring principals and managing staff, forgoing an earlier approach that would have limited how many schools could gain that authority.

Expanding charter schools is a signature initiative of the Hogan administration, which has said it is not happy with Senate's rewrite of his bill. 

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