A new poll commissioned by Marylanders for Marriage Equality shows 52 percent of respondents would "probably" or "definitely" vote for the same-sex marriage bill if it is on the ballot in November. The survey showed that 44 percent would "probably" or "definitely" vote the measure down.

"Momentum is on the side of making Maryland families stronger," said Kevin Nix, a spokesman for the group.

The poll of 600 Marylanders was conducted by Public Policy Polling, and was in the field from Monday through Wednesday.

The 52-44 split is by far the rosiest result for supporters to date. Recent polls by Gonzales and The Washington Post have put the issue much closer to 50-50.

Though supporters see the result as a shift in public opinion, it is very difficult to compare results from different firms, particularly when the polls show movement by only a few points. Each pollster uses his or her own set of assumptions for turnout when compiling the results, which can wildly change the results.

But, the PPP survey could be a helpful baseline for supporters to use as they ramp up a state-wide campaign on the issue over the summer.

Opponents to the state's new same-sex marriage law are working to collect the 56,000 signatures needed to put the law on the ballot.