Famed political statistician Nate Silver at the FiveThirtyEight blog on Monday updated his list of the closest gubernatorial races in the country.

Maryland is not among them.


In fact, the political analyst determined there is a 94 percent chance Democrat Anthony G. Brown would win the governor's race Tuesday, and Silver predicted that the most likely outcome was a Brown win over Republican Larry Hogan by 9.7 percentage points.

The blog - known for accurately predicting the outcome of 2012 presidential vote winner in all 50 states - uses a unique method for compiling and weighting public polls.

The prediction comes on the heels of another respected political analyst, The Cook Political Report, declaring Maryland's race for governor a "toss up." Both camps have used the Cook report to drive up turnout.

Brown has lead Hogan in public polls this election season, but his single-digit margin has been unexpectedly small for a state with twice as many Democrats than Republicans.

The Democrats have also built a sophisticated, multi-million get-out-the-vote operation. While Republicans plan to make about 60,000 phone calls Tuesday to Hogan supporters, the Democrats are aiming for 300,000.

Both the Democratic Governors Association and their Republican counterparts have poured cash into the race, which has received an unusual amount of national attention.

Each party has dispatched high profile surrogates to stump on behalf of Brown and Hogan.

Last night, Republican N.J. Gov. Chris Christie held a rally for Hogan in Baltimore.  Today, first lady Michelle Obama will hold a rally for Brown in Baltimore.