Md. pastor has harsh words for gays, their supporters

A Randallstown pastor had harsh words for gays and supporters of same-sex marriage at a recent town hall meeting, saying those who vote yes on Question 6 are approving "things that are worthy of death."

The pastor, Robert J. Anderson of the Colonial Baptist Church in Randallstown, was sitting on a dais with Derek McCoy, executive director of the Maryland Marriage Alliance, when he made the comments.

Anderson read from a portion of the Bible that refers to homosexuality. "Those who practice such things are deserving of death," Anderson said, reading from the Bible.

Then he pivoted to the Nov. 6 referendum and said: "If we don't vote against it we are approving of these things that are worthy of death." Separately, he also said approving same-sex marriage could "open up a back door" to legalizing prostitution, incest and bestiality.

McCoy, with the Maryland Marriage Alliance, said today he wants to review the clip before commenting. Until this video surfaced, McCoy and the official opposition to same-sex marriage have been careful to say they do not oppose gays or all gay rights -- they just object to extending marriage rights to them.

The video was first posted on a gay rights blog called "Good As You."

Supporters of same-sex marriage say the opposition has "gone too far" and they are using the episode in a fund-raising email.

"I'm shocked that in 2012, anyone would say something so disrespectful," Capt. Irene Huskens, a police captain in Prince George's County who is gay wrote in the email. "Winning marriage equality is the best way to show that Maryland will not stand for this type of behavior."