Rawlings-Blake invites Arizona's LGBT residents to move to Baltimore

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake appears on NBC's "Meet the Press."

On NBC's "Meet the Press" today, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake invited gay and lesbian residents of Arizona to move to Baltimore.

Asked about vetoed legislation that would have allowed businesses in Arizona to refuse to provide service to gay and lesbian residents, Rawlings-Blake said it "burns [her] up" that people still face discrimination in 2014.


She acknowledged the western state likely has better weather than Baltimore, but said the city has a more welcoming attitude toward homosexual residents.

"On balance, I think the LGBT community would be better off, save the weather -- we can't promise you the weather -- but better off in Baltimore," the mayor said. "I'm more than happy to deal with the welcome.  I think it's a much friendlier place. … We have a great LGBT community in Baltimore, I've been a big supporter to the first LGBT, the same-sex marriage in the state right after New Year's.  And there's no war going on in Baltimore."


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer last week vetoed a bill that would have allowed businesses whose owners cited religious beliefs to refuse to provide service to gay and lesbian customers.

Rawlings-Blake was also asked about her views of Russia's recent move to place troops in Ukraine amid a civil strife there.

She said Americans are "exhausted" of wars, and praised Obama's approach to the conflict.

"We want a president that's going to look at diplomacy and look at other options and not get us into, to write a check that our you-know-what doesn't want to cash," she said.