Lawmakers expect to be busy this week as a procedural deadline looms for getting bills passed.

Though the General Assembly's 90-day session doesn't end until midnight on April 11, next Monday, March 21, is "crossover day." That's the date by which bills must be approved by at least one chamber to be guaranteed consideration in the other chamber.


As such, both chambers expect to be busy passing a flurry of bills before the crossover deadline.

Both Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller and House Speaker Michael E. Busch warned lawmakers that they'll have a heavy workload and may have to hold sessions on Saturday.

Busch said the House might also hold double floor sessions during the week. Typically, each chamber holds a floor session in the morning, followed by committee hearings and voting sessions in the afternoons.

Gov. Larry Hogan's proposed budget also will begin to move forward this week.

The Senate's Budget and Taxation Committee plans to move a revised version of the budget to the full Senate Monday. Debate on the Senate floor is expected through the week, with a final vote possible on Friday.

After the Senate is done with the budget, it will move to the House of Delegates.

On Tuesday, gun rights advocates are expected to again rally for their cause in Annapolis. The House Judiciary Committee will hold public hearings on 27 gun-related bills that afternoon.

The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee also will be busy, as members plan to make decisions on bills to require more drunk drivers to have ignition interlock devices, to allow some people erase certain convictions from their criminal records, to make changes to the Law Enforcement Officer's Bill of Rights and to spend less money on jailing people in order to spend more on drug treatment and crime prevention, a concept known as "justice reinvestment."