Martin O'Malley participates in Reddit AMA

Governor Martin O'Malley today participated in an Ask Me Anything thread on reddit. The potential 2016 presidential candidate faced some tough questions. Here's a sampling of what O'Malley responded to: 

bmoreguy: Baltimore city is a place where you really got your start as politician. First as a city councilman, then as mayor and now as governor. What do you say to that fact that the city has the highest property taxes, the worst schools, deteriorating infrastructure and no presence of a corporate headquarters after 20+ years of your leadership? Why is Baltimore not doing far better than it should be?


GovMartinOMalley: When I was elected mayor of Baltimore in 1999, our city had become the most violent and addicted city in America. Over the following ten years, Baltimore achieved the biggest reduction in part 1 crime of any major city in America. Baltimore city school students are achieving and graduating at higher levels than they have in forty years. The progress continues. Under Armour...defend this house: "land of the free, home of the brave." 

bmoreprogressive91: Hi Governor O'Malley— Thanks for doing an AMA. Just one question: How does the Maryland healthcare exchange, which cost taxpayers $90 million to implement before your administration found that it would be cheaper (at an additional $40-50 million) to just replace it than to fix it, show that your Administration has been effectively using taxpayer dollars to better the lives of individual citizens?

GovMartinOMalley: No one was more frustrated than I was about the fact that our health exchange website didn't work properly when we launched. But our health exchange is more than a web site, and we worked hard to overcome the technical problems. We have enrolled about 329,000 people thus far, exceeding the goal we set of 260,000. I often say that we haven't always succeeded at first, but we have never given up. We learn from both success and failure. 

ReasoningRoom: Why are you against marijuana legalization?

GovMartinOMalley: I signed decriminalization for small amounts of possession this year, signed medical marijuana last year, and another medical marijuana bill this year. I believe it's best for Maryland to learn from experiments underway in Colorado and Washington and to be guided according to whether more good than harm is done. 

swb377: Hi Gov. O'Malley. When I first moved to Baltimore, I met you at a gay bar while you were still the Mayor. Were you ever worried that your interest in the well being of the gay community would damage your political career?

GovMartinOMalley: I believe in the dignity of every individual. In Maryland, we passed marriage equality. And this month, we will sign a transgender anti-discrimination bill. 

liljohn5115: Governor, Also why are you removing answers, the gerrymandering response in particular? Also the SB281 response is gone too... Is this truly an "ask me anything"? Or is it just like your political reign where you only answer the questions that aren't tough and that you see fit to answer. What a joke.

GovMartinOMalley: We didn't remove any answers. Some may have gotten lost in the comments...but we didn't remove any.