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Lombardi Trophy pays visit to Annapolis

One of the perks of getting elected to the Maryland General Assembly is that when the Baltimore Ravens win the Super Bowl, you get to have your picture taken with the Lombardi Trophy and whichever Ravens can be lured to Annapolis.

On Thursday morning, it was wide receiver Torrey Smith who represented the championship team as lawmakers basked in the reflected glory. Ravens president Dick Cass told the Senate it's tough to get players to attend events this time of year because it's their off-season but said Smith, a University of Maryland graduate, can be counted on to show up.

Smith, standing at the Senate podium with the trophy in front of him, told lawmakers that he "still gets goose bumps" when he sees it. He promised to come back when he gets his Super Bowl ring.

After Smith's brief remarks, he retired to the Senate lounge with the trophy. Senators trooped in to get their pictures taken with Smith and the sniny bauble. Most -- even the Redskins fans -- took advantage of the opportunity, though Sen. Delores Kelley of Baltimore County conspicuously declined.

For some senators, it was a second opportunity for such a picture. Montgomery County Sen. Jennie Forehand brought along a picture of her younger self with the trophy in 2001 -- wearing the same outfit she wore Thursday.

When the last senator returned to legislative business, the trophy, Cass and Smith made their way to the House of Delegates.

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