Rep John Delaney has introduced legislation that he hopes would enable the government to better coordinate its efforts to rescue Americans captured overseas.

The Montgomery County Democrat took the step after the White House announced that one of his constituents was killed in a U.S. drone strike earlier this year.


"The tragic loss of Dr. Warren Weinstein should be a call to action, because our hostage rescue operations have to improve," Delaney said.

"I firmly believe that improvement starts with a new Hostage Czar who can direct and coordinate our efforts across agency lines, a high-level official who can leverage all our relevant agencies in the service of one goal."

Weinstein, an international aid authority from Rockville, was captured in Pakistan in 2011 and held by al-Qaida.

President Barack Obama said last month that Weinstein and an Italian hostage were killed in January in a strike targeting militants.

Officials did not know the hostages were in the compound that was targeted, Obama said

The operation reopened questions about the United States' secretive drone program and its efforts to rescue people captured by terrorists.

Delaney's office said his proposal would streamline the efforts of the agencies involved in dealing with hostages and stiffen the government's response.

Delaney introduced the bill on Friday.