House fundraising totals in Md.

Here is a more complete picture of fundraising for House races in Maryland for the final quarter of 2011, based on reports that were due to the Federal Election Commission at midnight Tuesday. As The Sun reported Wednesday, Democrat Rob Garagiola is leading the fundraising pack in the competitive 6th District race.

Candidates must file organizing paperwork with the FEC within 15 days of raising or spending $5,000 on the campaign. Because many current contenders did not officially become candidates until after Dec. 31, they did not have to file a fourth-quarter report. The next and final campaign reports before the April 3 primary election will be filed on March 22.


The pattern: candidate, party, raised, cash on hand. This item will be updated throughout the week with late additions or missed reports. Please contact john.fritze@baltsun.com with additions or questions.

First District 
(I) Andy Harris, R, $130,076, $551,740
John LaFerla, D, No file
Kim Letke, D, No file
Wendy Rosen, D, No file

Second District
Ray Bly, R, No file
Vlad Degen, R, No file
Rick Impallaria, R, No file
Nancy C. Jacobs, R, No file
Howard H. Orton, R, No file
(I) C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger, D, $220,140, $555,859
Larry Smith, R, $13,578*, $8,072
* Candidate gave himself a $312 contribution

Third District
David H. Lockwood, D, No file
(I) John Sarbanes, D, $155,422, $1,062,932
Armand F. Girard, R, No file
Thomas E. "Pinkston" Harris, R, No file
Eric Delano Knowles, R, No file
Draper S. Phelps, R, No file

Fourth District
(I) Donna F. Edwards, D, $279,229, $271,056
Ian Garner, D, No file
George McDermott, D, No file
Randy Gearhart, R, No file
Greg Holmes, R, No file
Faith M. Loudon, R, No file
Shepherd, Charles, R, No file

Fifth District
(I) Steny H. Hoyer, D, $376,125, $1,104,344
Cathy Johnson Pendleton, D, No file
David Hill, R, No file
Glenn Morton, R, No file
Tony O'Donnell, R, No file

Sixth District
David R. Brinkley,R, No file
Charles Bailey, D, No file
John Delaney, D, $118,041*, $0
Rob Garagiola, D, $344,061, $323,126
Ron Little, D, No file
Milad Pooran, D, $68,021, $102,437
Kathy Afzali, R, No file
(I) Roscoe Bartlett, R, $104,140, $342,901
Robert Coblentz, R, No file
Robin Ficker, R, $0, $91**
James Peter, R, No file
Joseph T. Krysztoforski, R, No file
Brandon Orman Rippeon, R, $5,530, $16,565
* All money raised came from the candidate

** Candidate gave himself a $9,056 loan
Seventh District
Ty Glen Busch, D, No file
(I) Elijah Cummings, D, $107,355, $909,582
Charles U. Smith, D, No file
M. Justin Kinsey, R, No file
Frank C. Mirabile, R, No file

Eighth District
George English, D, No file
(I) Chris Van Hollen, D, $116,797, $1,929,082
Gus Alzona, R, No file
Shelly Skolnick, R, No file
Ken Timmerman, R, No file
Dave Wallace, R, $2,385*, $864
* Candidate contributed $2,000 to his campaign