Rather than cast a ballot for his party's presidential nominee, Gov. Larry Hogan wrote-in his father's name, aides said late Tuesday.

Although Hogan disavowed Donald Trump during the primary and flatly said in June he would not vote for him, he would not reveal what he would do in the voting booth.


Hogan's spokesman Douglass V. Mayer said in a statement that "As he has said for many months, the governor is extremely disappointed in the candidates from both major parties and decided to write in the name of the person who taught him what it meant to hold public office with integrity, his father, Larry Hogan Sr."

Hogan's father, who is now 88, was a congressman in the Watergate era and earned notoriety for being the only Republican on the House Judiciary Committee to vote to impeach President Richard Nixon.

Maryland's governor was among many high-profile Republicans to reject the party's nominee.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker told reporters he left the presidential field blank for the first time in his life.

Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, also did not vote for either major party nominee.

Hogan's write-in vote for his father will have the same effect as not voting at all. Jared DeMarinis, director of candidacy and campaign finance for the Maryland Board of Elections, said non-registered write-in candidates get counted generically as votes for "other" candidates and are not individually tallied.

Democrat Hillary Clinton was expected to win big Maryland, where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a more than a two to one margin. The Associated Press called the race in Maryland for Clinton shortly after polls closed Tuesday night.

Hogan enjoys high approval ratings in the Democrat-dominated state and never embraced his party's controversial nominee. He had to be pressed by reporters for months to say whether he planned to vote for Trump. In June, Hogan said definitively he would not cast a ballot for Trump or Clinton, but as recently as a few weeks ago said he still had not decided what to do.