Gansler addresses reputation for bluntness in new ad

With the primary a week away, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Douglas F. Gansler has made what his campaign calls his "closing argument" in two new television ads. In one of the ads, Gansler addresses and spins his reputation for bluntness.

Neither ad mentions the attorney general's Democratic opponents, Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown and Del. Heather Mizeur. Voters may find that refreshing since Brown's and Gansler's campaigns have been publicly criticizing each other in recent weeks.


Gansler looks directly at the camera in one of the ads and says: "I have a confession. Sometimes, I can be blunt. Very blunt. The upside – that's what it takes to challenge the special interests."

Gansler's admirers consider him forthright and genuine. He sometimes has had to double back and explain his remarks, as as when he suggested to a group of potential volunteers last year that Brown, an African-American, was relying primarily on his racial heritage to get elected.


The second ad says Gansler has "taken on big banks, delivering over one billion dollars in foreclosure relief. Battled polluters to clean our air and water. Protected children from Internet predators."

Both ads are for broadcast in the Baltimore and Washington markets.

The ads seem to be a return to the early days of the campaign when Gansler and Brown were introducing themselves to voters with biographical material. Those ads might have been labeled the "opening arguments."

Early voting ends Thursday night, and the primary is on June 24.