First it was the Washington Redskins management endorsing Maryland's gambling expansion referendum. Now it's one of the team's most best-known former players.
Lavar Arrington, the Redskins' former star linebacker, has cut a TV ad for the MGM-backed ballot committee supporting Question 7, touting the claimed benefits for Maryland in terms of jobs and investments here.
With the Redskins' FedEx Field in Prince George's County in the background, Arrington tells viewers how much he hates losing -- and that Maryland is losing the jobs and money that leave the state when its residents gamble in other states such as West Virginia.
Arrington claims that Question 7 will produce 12,000 jobs in Maryland by permitting what he calls a "resort casino" in Prince George's and table games at Maryland's slots sites. He says the gambling expansion will produce "money for schools" without using a specific figure.
The number that is used in a questionable way is when Arrington says that when Marylanders aren't spending $550 million in other states, "it gets invested here."
So that means that the $550 million dumped into slot machines and lost at table games across state borders becomes an investment when it's wagered in Maryland? It seems that bettors have morphed from gamblers to gamers to  investors.
Arrington, now a radio talk show host and sports agent, puts in a spirited performance. But it's a good guess this ad will run a lot more in the Washington area than it will in Ravens territory.