Going where Gov. Larry Hogan has refused to go, Maryland's last Republican chief executive has thrown his endorsement in the presidential race to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., a former backer of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, pasted a message on Facebook Wednesday night telling Republicans "it is time to get our act together" and rally behind Trump to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton.


Hogan so far has resisted pressures to fall in line behind the billionaire developer. He has said he would not get involved in the race or make a presidential endorsement. In his most recent public statement on the matter, Hogan said: "I'm not going to take any more stupid questions about Donald Trump."

The governor has previously stated that he is no fan of Trump. An early endorser of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Hogan stayed neutral in the presidential race after Christie dropped out and threw his support to Trump.

Hogan spokesman Doug Mayer said Thursday that "nothing has changed" since Hogan's previous statement.

Ehrlich made clear Wednesday that he does not share those qualms. Nor, apparently does his wife, Kendel Ehrlich. She is is listed on a slate of would-be Trump delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The GOP will select at-large delegates at the GOP state convention in Annapolis this weekend.

Following is the text of Ehrlich's Facebook message:

"The GOP presidential field was the strongest in recent memory. Many of us had a favorite candidate (Ohio Governor John Kasich in my case) who fell short. This intramural fight is now history. Our candidate is Donald Trump. His opponent is most likely Hillary Clinton…aka four more years of progressivism on steroids.

"America can ill afford a third Obama term. Economic growth is negligible as the regulatory state issues historic numbers of new regulations. Too many 26-year-olds are living in Mom’s basement; too many of our enemies no longer fear us; too many of us suspect the "American Dream" is no more.

"The bottom line: regardless of recently inflicted hard feelings, it is time to get our act together; time to stop progressivism’s hold on our culture and economy; TIME TO WIN

"Thanks for reading."

Ehrlich spokesman Greg Massoni confirmed the authenticity of the posting but said the former governor would have nothing to add.

"He's just speaking for himself," Massoni said.

Among those on the Trump delegate slate is Senate Minority Leader J. B. Jennings, who represents Baltimore and Harford counties. Jennings confirmed Thursday that he is seeking election on the Trump slate after failing to win election in the primary as an uncommitted delegate.

"The process has worked its way through and this was the last man standing," Jennings said.

Jennings declined to call for Hogan to get on board.

"Everybody has to feel comfortable to endorse somebody," he said.

Other prominent Republicans on the Trump slate for  the convention include U.S. Rep. Andy Harris; Sen. Wayne Norman of Harford County, and Dels. Chris Adams and Johnny Mautz of the Middle Shore and Mike McKay of Allegany County.

GOP activist Davis Bossie, who is challenging incumbent Republican national committeeman Louis Pope at the convention, is also on the Trump slate.