Early voting ends today

The primary campaign for governor officially ends next week, but today is the last day voters can skip lines at the polls and cast a ballot early.

More than 60 voting centers across the state will be open from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. today.


So far, only smidgen of Maryland's 3.4 million registered voters cast a ballot ahead of time. That leaves most of the state's voters with an option to show today, on election day next Tuesday or not at all.

The seven candidates — three Democrats and four Republicans — vying for their respective party's nomination crisscrossed the state Wednesday urging supporters to head to the polls early. 

Together, the campaigns have knocked on thousands of doors and made even more phone calls trying to convince voters to participate. From metro stops to retirement centers to main streets to neighborhoods, candidates tried to rouse voters to do what, historically, they are not inclined to do: vote.

So far, the results have been unimpressive.

The 90,223 ballots cast as of Tuesday night — the most recent data available —  surpassed Maryland's record for early voting, and come as the state dramatically expanded its early voting program. But the ballots still represent less than 3 percent of eligible voters.

Turnout is typically dismal — 25 percent at most — for primary elections.
Democrats have been campaigning for their party's nomination for more than year, and Republicans have ramped up their campaigns since January.

To vote early, residents must be registered with a political party and cast a ballot in their home jurisdiction.

Don't know where to vote?  Click this link to the Board of Elections.

Don't know who is running?

The Baltimore Sun has you covered with in-depth campaign profiles of each major candidate in the governor's and their platforms.

The attorney general's office, General Assembly races, some local city and county races, and congresional races are also on the ballot.  Visit The Sun's voter guide for more information.