Democratic House candidate John Delaney, who had been exploring a run for Maryland's 6th District since mid-November but who officially entered the race this month, will report spending $118,000 of his own money on the race so far, his campaign said Monday.

The announcement comes a day before the deadline for federal candidates to file campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission covering the final three months of 2011. Democrat State Sen. Rob Garagiola is expected to report raising $330,000 in contributions and the district's incumbent, Republican Rep.Roscoe G. Bartlett, has indicated he will report raising roughly $100,000.


Delaney's campaign manager, Max Cummings, stressed that Delaney did not file paperwork with the FEC creating his campaign account until the end of December. However, nothing prevented Delaney from raising money when he launched his exploratory committee in November. He filed to put his name on the ballot this month.

Garagiola has frequently criticized Delaney, a Potomac financier, by suggesting that he is trying to buy the seat.

For his part, Delaney has attempted to paint Garagiola as an insider and career politician. Delaney's campaign Monday called attention to Garagiola's state campaign finance reports, arguing that the lawmaker has raised 68 percent of his money from political-action committees and businesses. That state money cannot be used in his run for Congress.

"This is just politics as usual and goes a long way toward voters' disenchantment with their elected officials and the political process," Delaney said in a statement.

The Delaney campaign said it raised nearly $75,000 in the first weeks of January. That money will not be reported to the FEC until the next campaign finance report is filed on March 22.

The primary is April 3.

Separately, Sen. Ben Cardin will report raising nearly $700,000 in the fourth quarter for his reelection effort and has more than $2.6 million on hand. Cardin has eclipsed all of his Democratic and Republican challengers in the past several quarters in fundraising.