Delaney outpaces Garagiola in 6th District fundraising

Democratic congressional candidate John Delaney outraised state Sen. Rob Garagiola by more than three-to-one and then loaned himself an additional $1.3 million this year, giving the Potomac banker a significant financial advantage in the competitive 6th Congressional District.

With less than two weeks to go before the April 3 primary, Delaney reported raising $767,709 from contributors before the personal loan, campaign finance reports filed with Federal Election Commission at midnight Thursday showed. Garagiola raised $246,452 over that same period. Delaney reports having $410,997 in the bank, compared with $167,909 for Garagiola.

Delaney's campaign characterized the strong fundraising as an indication of growing momentum for the campaign. The report covers a period from January 1 through March 14 as well as 48-hour reports filed through early Friday morning.  

The 6th district, Maryland's marquee 2012 race, is currently held by Republican Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett, a 10-term incumbent who is running for reelection this year. Bartlett's fundraising has steadily improved, though it will still need to pick up. Though he does not appear to have significant challenge on his hands in the GOP primary he still managed to spend more than he raised.

Bartlett raised $222,799, spent $244,201 and, according to an amended report, has $317,239 on hand. has $639,021 in cash on hand -- though that number does not line up with Bartlett's past reports. Campaign aides were not immediately available to explain the larger-than-expected cash-on-hand number.

None of Bartlett's competitors in the GOP primary came close to his total. The next-best number came from state Sen. David Brinkley, who raised $22,060. Lawyer Robin Ficker did not raise any money but reported loaning himself $117,977. Of that, he spent $22,931.

Here's a look at the amount of money raised in congressional races statewide. Figures for the U.S. Senate are not yet available.  

1st District
LaFerla, John, D, $83,186*
Letke, Kim, D, N/A
Rosen, Wendy, D, $25,766
(i) Harris, Andy, R, $97,623

2nd District
(i) Ruppersberger, C. A. Dutch, D, $262,466
Bly, Ray, R, N/A
Degen, Vlad, R, N/A
Impallaria, Rick, R, N/A
Jacobs, Nancy C., R, $61,432
Orton, Howard H., R, N/A
Smith, Larry, R, $16,466

3rd District
Lockwood, David H., D, N/A
(i) Sarbanes, John, D, $26,720
Girard, Armand F., R, N/A
Harris, Thomas E. "Pinkston", R, N/A
Knowles, Eric Delano, R, N/A
Phelps, Draper S., R, N/A

4th District
(i) Edwards, Donna F., D, $64,751
Garner, Ian, D, N/A
McDermott, George, D, N/A
Gearhart, Randy, R, N/A
Holmes, Greg, R, N/A
Loudon, Faith M., R, $10,937
Shepherd, Charles, R, N/A

5th District
(i) Hoyer, Steny H., D, $373,327
Johnson Pendleton, Cathy, D, N/A
Hill, David, R, N/A
Morton, Glenn, R, N/A
O'Donnell, Tony, R, $40,299

6th District
Bailey, Charles, D,  N/A
Delaney, John, D, $2,021,097*
Garagiola, Rob, D, $246,452
Little, Ron, D, N/A
Pooran, Milad, D, $41,867
Afzali, Kathy, R, $20,387*
(i) Bartlett, Roscoe G., R, $222,799
Brinkley, David R., R, $22,060
Coblentz, Robert, R, N/A
Ficker, Robin, R, $117,977*
James, Peter, R, N/A
Krysztoforski, Joseph T., R, N/A
Rippeon, Brandon Orman, R, $65,900

7th District
Busch, Ty Glen, D, N/A
(i) Cummings, Elijah, D, $60,010
Smith, Charles U., D, N/A
Kinsey, M. Justin, R, N/A
Mirabile, Frank C., R, N/A

8th District
English, George, D, N/A
(i) Van Hollen, Chris, D, $86,050
Alzona, Gus, R, N/A
Skolnick, Shelly, R, N/A
Timmerman, Ken, R, $23,161
Wallace, Dave, R, $4,389

* Includes contributions or loans made by candidate.

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