Del. Tarrant launches write-in campaign targeting Conaway

State Del. Shawn Z. Tarrant has launched a write-in campaign targeting Del. Frank M. Conaway Jr. in Baltimore's 40th district, after viewing the dozens of rambling videos Conaway posted on YouTube in recent weeks.

Tarrant on Thursday filed as an official write-in candidate with the city's Board of Elections, an action necessary for election workers to count votes for him.


"I have to let everybody know how bad he is in office," Tarrant said of Conaway. "He's not fit to serve."

Tarrant, a sitting delegate, finished 4th of 10 candidates in the Democratic primary in June. Three candidates from that field advanced to the upcoming general election where they face no opposition. Conaway received the second-most votes in the field ahead of fellow Del. Barbara A. Robinson, but behind newcomer Antonio Hayes.

Conaway, the son of well-known Baltimore political family, made news this week for posting more than 50 rambling videos to YouTube, discussing his book entitled, "Christian Kundalini Science- Proof of the Soul- Cryptogram Solution of Egyptian Stela 55001- & Opening the Hood of Ra."

"Am I living in a box? The cross. The Rubik's Cube," Conaway says in one video. "Am I living in a hologram? Holographic universe."

Tarrant said he plans to distribute fliers that say, "Skip No. 1. Vote for Shawn Tarrant, a delegate that makes sense."

He said he believed Conaway was able to get more votes solely because of the "familiarity of his name."

"I shouldn't be out because my name was last on the ballot," Tarrant said. "I know I'll be able to pull it off. People are so frustrated and can't believe that he won."

Conaway took down the videos on Wednesday, saying he did so over concerns about his various business plans being public.

He declined to comment on Tarrant's write-in campaign.