Del. Frank Conaway Jr. resigns from City Hall job amid investigation

State Del. Frank M. Conaway Jr. resigned from his job in the City Hall mail room Wednesday amid allegations that he misused city resources by posting a series of rambling videos online in which he referred to himself as "meta," discussed Sasquatch and Yeti, and asked whether he lives in a hologram.

Comptroller Joan Pratt, who oversaw Conaway in his City Hall job, said he resigned before her investigation was completed. She said "it appeared city resources were used" in the making of the videos, but that they weren't done on city time.

Conaway had worked in the City Hall mail room for about eight years, earning a $30,000 salary. Pratt said he was a "good employee" and the videos were the only instance she knew of where he had behaved in a questionable manner. "I'm sorry to see him go," she said.


Reached by phone, Conaway said he was resigning to pursue various "other business ventures," which he declined to specify.

He won his third election with about 13,000 votes in West Baltimore last night, easily beating back a write-in challenge from State Del. Shawn Z. Tarrant, who garnered about 3,000 votes.

Conaway has written books entitled "Trapezium Giza Pyramid Artificial Black Hole Theory," "Baptist Gnostic Christian Eubonic Kundalinion Spiritual Ki Do Hermeneutic Metaphysics: The Word: Hermeneutics" and "Christian Kundalini Science- Proof of the Soul- Cryptogram Solution of Egyptian Stela 55001- & Opening the Hood of Ra." He took the rambling videos off the web last month. 
Tarrant said the videos showed Conaway was "not fit to serve." 
Conaway, a member of a Baltimore political family that includes Circuit Court Clerk Frank Conaway Sr., received the third-most votes in the general election field, behind fellow Del. Barbara A. Robinson and newcomer Antonio Hayes.

Conaway declined to discuss his re-election win.