Clinton speaks at fundraiser in Md.

Hillary Clinton attended a fundraiser in Maryland on Monday, an aide said, underscoring the state's role in helping to fund presidential campaigns.

The former secretary of state and frontrunner for the Democratic nomination met with about 120 people at the Bethesda home of Susan Ness and Larry Schneider.


Tickets cost $2,700.

Ness was appointed to the Federal Communications Commission by President Clinton in 1994. Schneider is an attorney. Both have been active fundraisers for the Clintons and other Democratic candidates.


Because of its late-April primary, Maryland is generally considered flyover country for presidential campaigns, despite the fact that the state's former governor, Martin O'Malley, has entered the race against Clinton.

But deeply Democratic Maryland has played a role in helping to finance national campaigns. The state ranked ninth in the nation in political giving in the 2008 presidential campaign, according to the non-partisan Open Secrets.

Clinton also spoke at a fundraiser in Washington on Monday, meeting with another 120 participants at the Women's National Democratic Club.

The Bethesda fundraiser was the latest indication of the Clinton campaign's involvement in the state. Supporters, including most of the state's Democratic congressional delegation, have organized meet-and-greet events for organizers.

The campaign has also hired staff in Maryland, including several former aides to then-Lt. Gov. Anthony G. Brown's unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign last year. Alicia Jones, a Baltimore native who worked briefly for Brown, is serving as the Clinton campaign's grass-roots organizer.

Michael Schultz, a fundraiser for Brown, is now the Clinton campaign's finance director for Maryland and Delaware.