Billy Murphy announces support for Hillary Clinton

Prominent Baltimore attorney William H. "Billy" Murphy Jr., who represents the family of Freddie Gray, announced his support Thursday for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

Murphy, who is also representing families in Flint, Mich., in case involving that city's contaminated drinking water, said in a statement released by the Clinton campaign that the former Secretary of State has "a better relationship with communities of color than Bernie or any other candidate."


Clinton and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are both expanding their outreach to African American voters ahead of the "first in the South" South Carolina primary on Feb. 27. Black voters are expected to make up at least half of that state's turnout.

Murphy expanded on the theme in an interview on Thursday.


"She has a long and deep history in the involvement of communities of color, and she has been exceptionally loyal to the president," Murphy said, adding that he thinks Clinton has "more gravitas" than Sanders.

Murphy said he met with Clinton while she was visiting Flint earlier this month before the New Hampshire primary. He said he was impressed with her efforts to "make this situation right and help correct these wrongs."

"I like Bernie Sanders a lot," Murphy added, "but I like Hillary Clinton more."

Murphy said he is endorsing Clinton because "never again do we want our hearts broken and our hopes dashed by nominating a wonderful candidate who can't beat the Republicans in the general election."

Murphy never filed a lawsuit in the Gray case, but negotiated with Baltimore officials on behalf of Gray's family for a $6.4 million settlement. Gray suffered a fatal spinal cord injury while in Baltimore police custody in April. His death sparked widespread protests and riots in Baltimore.