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Bartlett airs first TV ad in 6th District

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, the 10-term Republican incumbent fighting for reelection in Maryland's redrawn 6th Congressional District, will begin airing his first television advertisement today, a mostly introductory spot that focuses on the lawmaker's fiscal record.

Sporting some trendy, new eye glasses, Bartlett says that future generations should "have the same opportunity for success that I've had." The narrator explains how Bartlett rose from poverty to become a scientist and businessman and describes Bartlett as a "citizen legislator."

"I'll fight to pass a balance budget amendment, repeal Obamacare and increase our energy independence," Bartlett said. "Fiscal discipline creates jobs."

The ad appears to be running in the same places as those being aired by Democratic candidate John Delaney -- a mix of cable and broadcast, but not in the pricey Washington, D.C., broadcast media market that reaches into Montgomery County. A campaign spokesman would not disclose how long the ad would be on the air.

The ad notes Bartlett's effort to end automatic pay increases for members of Congress and says that the congressman donates a portion of his pay to fund college scholarships.

Bartlett is facing challenges in the April 3 GOP primary, including from two state lawmakers: Del. Kathy Afzali and Sen. David Brinkley. There is also a competitive race underway for the Democratic nomination.

The new 6th District includes Western Maryland and portions of Montgomery and Frederick counties.  

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