Angelos giving large sums to Democratic causes

The record-blasting year for the Baltimore Orioles seems to be putting owner Peter G. Angelos in a generous mood. The baseball team owner has given more than $1.2 million to Democratic super PACs this year.

Angelos has a long history of supporting Democrats, but his checks are usually the four-figure variety.

This year he stepped up the giving, writing a $500,000 check to the Priorities USA super PAC, which has spent about $24 million opposing the Romney-Ryan ticket.

He also gave $575,000 to the Majority PAC, a group dedicated to winning Democratic Senate seats. And he handed over $150,000 to the House Majority PAC, which is trying to win Democratic seats in the House of Representatives.

That totals $1.225 million, enough to prompt a mention on the front-page in the New York Times, which called him "an emerging donor."