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A photo a day from the Maryland General Assembly

Ninety days doesn't sound like a long time.

But when it comes to the annual Maryland General Assembly session, 90 days can be a slog. As one of The Baltimore Sun's two reporters at the State House in Annapolis, my days are filled with rushing from floor sessions to news conferences to bill hearings to interviews to committee votes. In between, I spend time in our windowless basement office, furiously writing stories to the tune of humming printers in the next-door print shop.

By the end, it becomes such a blur that sometimes I don't remember if I ate lunch or even what day it is.

To break up the daily grind, I challenge myself to make one interesting picture each day. It forces me to look up and around me, to take in the beautiful and historic State House complex where I'm lucky to go to work each day.

Here's a look at what's caught my eye during this year's session, which adjourns at midnight on Monday, April 8.

Pamela Wood
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